Automotive Services

EvoTint’s cutting-edge window film installation process will give your vehicle a pristine, seamless tint job – no matter what you drive. Our top-of-the-line Llumar tint also offers security, efficiency and energy savings for your vehicle.

We also understand that your your vehicle is “your baby” – and at EvoTint we’ll take care of your vehicle as if it was our own. We guarantee that you and your vehicle will always receive top-quality treatment from EvoTint. So if you’ve been looking for unbeatable service and unsurpassed quality in window tinting, look no further! Give us a call, chat with the owner, and see how we like to do business and what we’re all about. Call (734) 625-8227 today!

Scion Tinted OutAutomotive Window Tinting

EvoTint’s expert knowledge and industry training makes us capable of tinting any vehicle on the road today! We use the best machines and software to cut tint to exact vehicle specifications, cover vehicle rear windows in a single piece, and perfectly tint micro-edge doors – all without light gaps, seams, butted film, or paint.
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Mustang Tinted TailsTail Light Tinting

Does your vehicle need something to complete its look, but you’re not quite sure what it is? At EvoTint we’re excellent at finding that little “something extra” that can turn a great-looking car into a masterpiece! Let EvoTint finish your vehicle’s great custom look with smoked or tinted tail lights, side markers, or headlights.

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HID HeadlightsHID Headlights

Once we’ve got your vehicle all blacked out, you may want some stunningly bright HID headlights so people can see you coming. We do that too – just ask!

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