Automotive Window Tinting

Llumar Precision Cut SoftwareCutting-edge Technology

Using the best in computer-laser technology to cut templates designed specifically for your car, EvoTint specializes in applying tint to vehicle windows with dexterity and accuracy. So you never have to worry about an accidental “knife slip” that could ruin your car’s interior – there’s no need for us to bring a knife anywhere near your car!

White car with limo tintClean, Flawless Finish

When you get your vehicle’s windows tinted at EvoTint you’ll never see any seams, light gaps, paint filler, or butted tint! With our extensive industry training and experience, we can tint windows on ANY vehicle in one piece, including rear windows and micro-edge doors.

All of our window tinting film is applied to the windows inside your car, not the outside. Your window tint, professionally installed by EvoTint, will never bubble or get damaged from using your rear window defroster.

Out With The Old, In With The New

Did some other shop do a “hack job” on your tint? No worries, we’ve got you covered! EvoTint can professionally remove old, abused, or low-grade films from DIY driveway jobs with out causing damage to your vehicle’s interior, door panels, rear defroster lines, or glass. Expert removal is the most important thing you can have done if you need your vehicle re-tinted – and we do it right!

Choices, Choices…

Whether you want your factory tinted windows a little darker, front windows matched to rear, or a complete tint replacement, we can do it all! When choosing a film darkness, remember that the lower the % number, the darker it is – for example, a 5% film is what you would traditionally call the “limo” tint look. And then 15% is a bit lighter in shade and so on.

When you call us, we will quote you for Llumar Premium ATC Film (our best seller) unless you specify otherwise. Llumar ATC window film is a Gen4 dyed-color stable film, ranging in shades from 50%, 35%, 20%, 15%, and 5% (limo tint) – and it carries a lifetime warranty.

Our next most popular film is Llumar’s CTX line. It has all the same great characteristics as the ATC, but it also has an added layer of “ceramic” to keep even more heat away! The CTX line comes in shades ranging from 50%, 40%, 30%, 15%, and 5%. We also offer Llumar’s ATR and PP series films upon request – and before you ask, yes, EvoTint carries all of these films in all shades in each grade.

Benefits to Residential Window Tint in Chicago

  • Reduce heat inside your vehicle by as much as 60% – that means less using the A/C, which can result in higher MPG!
  • Choose from a variety of window film colors and shades
  • Block out up to over 99% of harmful UV A/B rays, which can…
    • Extend the life of your vehicle interior and upholstery, and
    • Protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays
  • Our window films offer shatter resistance to protect from flying glass during an accident or attempted forced entry
  • Enhance driving vision by reducing glare and other effects of strong light sources like the sun
  • Professional, top-notch installation
  • Lifetime manufacturer’s warranty
  • FREE estimates from EvoTint